By joining, I understand and acknowledge that the information disclosed herein as well as information obtained in the course of various Pfizer programs and activities, all of which may include personal information, are collected, processed, and stored in an automated Pfizer-managed database system and/or in the database system of its affiliates or authorized third parties, and which shall be used and administered solely by Pfizer, and its said affiliate companies and authorized third parties in connection with the implementation and enhancements of Pfizer’s various activities and programs. I give my consent to Pfizer and its directors, officers, employees, advisers, agents and representatives’ (a) collection, processing, storage, and use of personal information; and (b) outsourcing of the collection, processing, storage, and use of personal information to service providers whether within or outside the Philippines. The foregoing constitute my express consent under the applicable confidentiality and data privacy law of the Philippines and other jurisdictions, and agree to hold Pfizer and relevant parties free and harmless from any all liabilities, claims, damages and suits of whatever kind and nature that may arise in connection with the implementation and compliance with the authorization which I confers herein. My express consent shall continue for the duration of Pfizer’s various activities and programs. The foregoing is without prejudice to my rights to reasonable access to, upon demand, and correction of my personal information, as well as my right to lodge a complaint before the National Privacy Commission, under Section 16 of the Data Privacy Act. I likewise agree that my personal information may be disclosed to any Pfizer-authorized affiliates and third parties for any legitimate purpose.

For these purposes, Pfizer and its authorized affiliates or authorized third parties shall store personal information , as defined under Section 3 (g) of the Data Privacy Act, within Pfizer’s applicable retention schedules, but without prejudice to your right to request for its deletion. Finally, you hereby confirm and provide consent for Pfizer, its employees, affiliates, and/or authorized third parties to continue to send notifications on company-initiated activities, announcements, invites, and contact you through the same. We respect your privacy and will abide by the prevailing laws and regulations. You will at any time have the right to access your information; you can request that your information on the Pfizer database be amended or removed at any time; you can request to not receive information by email, electronic or other means.

By being sponsored to a virtual symposium, convention, or continuing professional development event, you shall transfer the knowledge that you received from the meeting to the medical community in your own capacity, as required under the Department of Health Administrative Order No. 2015-0053.